Re: What is 23563?

From: Jonathan McDowell (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 10:55:40 PDT

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    > it looks as if 23563 started out as one thing 
    Yes, I assume this was just a ghost of a GPS satellite...
    > reappeared as something else over two years later
    This is the object I am wondering about. It is plausibly a debris piece
    from a GPS PAM-D, but not the one it claims to belong to.
    1 23563U          97314.86942264  .00180104  50383-7  69742-3      16
    2 23563  37.5881 248.5526 2905537 214.6331 123.2931  9.76865788 36303
    By the way, USSC just cataloged new pieces from several GPS PAM-D stages.
    The fact that one piece is being cataloged from each stage suggests this
    is some type of operational debris that was previously too small to track.
    Perhaps the yo-yo despin wires from the PAM-D? But why only from the GPS
     - Jonathan
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