ISS UK passes

From: George Amos (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 13:45:17 PDT

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    Exceptionally good pass of ISS on 11th from my location-it passed 
    just below arcturus and I tracked it for a part of its pass using a 
    dobsonian mounted reflector-difficult to see any structure, (60* 
    magnification), but I am fairly sure I could see two short-bright-bars 
    (like an = sign) above the main structure which appeared like a 
    small sphere-I assumed that the "bars" were the solar panels, I 
    really wanted to do a report on lacrosse 3 but it was too close to 
    twighlight to locate decent reference stars
    station 2453
    53 deg 23 min 49secs N
    2 deg 4 min 57 secs W
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