Re: Series of triple Iridium flares for So Cal

From: Anthony Ayiomamitis (
Date: Mon Jun 11 2001 - 14:24:58 PDT

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    > Looks like here in So Cal we're headed for sets of 3 Iridium flares,
    > 10-20 deg high in the SW to W, each flare about 8.8 minutes after the
    > last one. It may be hard to see the fainter ones in murk.
        Here in Athens I have the pleasure of the triple flares for six
    consecutive days starting on June 17 and ending on June 22. Nice
    oportunity to fill in the "gaps" for any Iridium-specific flares not
    observed or imaged.
    > In some of the series, the Iridiums even flare in numeric order! E.g.
    > tonight Iridium 29,30,31: Thursday Iridium 28,29,30. (Presumably
    > because
    > they're next to each other on the same orbital plane.)
         Same observation here as I have Iridiums 31, 32, 33 on June 17;
    Iridiums 57, 58, 59 on June 18; Iridiums 30, 31 and 32 on June 20.
         This six-day period of triple flares is then followed by lots of
    double-flare opportunities.
         Being new to Iridium flares, I wonder if certain parts of the year
    are better than others for frequency of flaring and/or lower/higher
    flare magnitudes. As far as the frequency goes, I would think not (?)
    since flares are most often observed  following sunset and before
    sunrise. However, it is interesting to see how the flare azimuth during
    the course of the year keeps moving in a steady direction and pace.
         I would be interested to hear from the local experts if the flare
    magnitudes are generally correlated with the time of year?!
    > Mark
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