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From: Jonathan T Wojack (
Date: Thu Jun 14 2001 - 11:32:25 PDT

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    > Nope, the standard method of film-return still has some advantages 
    > over
    > digital imaging, enough (at least for Russia) to keep using it.
    Hmmm....  if Russia always has at least one of these recon. satellites up
    there, that's a minimum of three launches per year.  I would think that
    would be the expensive way.  Maybe digital imaging technology is not
    available at "cheap" prices in Russia.  Possibly other factors, too.
    > (Who is "everybody" in this context, BTW?)
    Countries that orbit recon. satellites.
    > >I would think that the later would be cheaper - such a satellite 
    > would
    > >have a lifetime of around 10 years.
    > Well, if you manage to stuff it with enough propellant...
    > Optical spybirds usually tend to be in rather low orbits and need a
    > frequent reboost. 10 years is a _bit_ of an optimistic life 
    > expectancy
    > there...
    You're probably right - but I'm sure it's longer than 4 months (the
    lifetime of the non-digital sats).
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