Pageos Fragments Query

From: Patrick Curran (
Date: Sat Jun 16 2001 - 16:15:26 PDT

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    Hi List,
               Culled from Sue Worden's FAQs
    >Pageos (5994/1963-14DA)
    >One of the few large remaining fragments of the Pageos
    >balloon launched in 1963.  Largely susceptible to solar
    >radiation pressure this fragment makes for an interesting
    >geodetic target. It is in an elliptical orbit of around 960
    >x 6600 km at 85 degrees, where it can be seen between mag.
    >+4 and +6. Note that this fragment is wrongly catalogued by
    >USSPACECOM as one of the Westford Needles.
    Can anyone tell me if there are any more Pageos fragments still in orbit and
    if so, how bright are they?
    I would also be grateful for current TLEs.
    Best Regards,
    Patrick Curran
    Co. Kilkenny, SE Ireland [52.4369N 6.9761W - 80M]
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