Re: CXO near apoge

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sun Jun 24 2001 - 21:37:56 PDT

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    At 09:18 25/06/01 , Jonathan T Wojack wrote:
    >Just curious - how fast was Chandra moving in the telescopic field?  At
    >74,000 kilometers, I would think that it would not move much faster than
    >the "fixed stars" when one's telescopic tube is "stationary".  I can't
    >see such distant objects due to excessive light pollution, and a limited
    >aperture on my telescope.
    Jonathon, the range was 74,000 MILES. Using JPL's HORIZON and Richards'
    location, the angular velocity was 1.12 degrees per hour relative to
    the stars, and of course about 1 degrees/hor relative to a telescope
    not tracking the stars.
    Tony Beresford
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