envision sat series

From: Joseph Kern (jakern@mac.com)
Date: Sun Jun 02 2002 - 13:33:59 EDT

Just a newbie question . . . I was watching the science channel(formally 
Discovery Science) and came across a program about spy sats. They first 
talked about Corona spy series, but they then started to talk about a 
sat.(or group of sats.) called "Envision"(possibly some other spelling 
may be used, like Nvision, or some other). They showed a few of the 
pictures it took, they were in three dee, much like the three dee 
pictures that National Geographic ran showing the mars rover . . . but 
besides that they went on to show several computer generated virtual 
cities that were extrapolated from the "Envision" series of photos. 
These sats. are run by the NRO, but I have no idea how old this info is. 
Does anyone know of these?

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