NOSS 2-1 (C & D)

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Sat Jun 15 2002 - 00:44:36 EDT

I just picked up what I believe was NOSS 2-1 (C) and
NOSS 2-1 (D) as they entered Lyra. I got the stats at H-A. They entered Lyra
at about 23:17:34. I saw only these two together. I cannot get data at H-A
about NOSS 2-1 (B). Anybody know if this is with the other two and I just
missed it?


42.473513 N,  92.360413 W
-5 Hours GMT at this time

By the way, while waiting for the NOSS satellites to enter Lyra another but
faster moving and much brighter satellite zoomed through Lyra a minute or so
earlier, going the same direction as what the NOSS satellites were about to
go. Then as I was watching the duo proceed toward Cygnus, a fainter
satellite passed in my binocular field of view going East! For awhile there
I thought I was looking at Grand Central Station . :~)

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