Re: Stereo-image fusing to spot differences

From: Bjorn Gimle (
Date: Sat Jun 15 2002 - 16:36:36 EDT

I find it almost impossible to view them when placed Left-Right - my eyes
must "aim" for a very distant point, but focus close, and the images must be
closer to each other than my eye separation ~63 mm (except perhaps for Marty

Instead, I reverse the images (Right-Left) and "cross" my eyes.

This can be trained - hold a finger or pencil in front of the images, so
that it appears to point on the corresponding spot of the two images (by
also adjusting the distance eye-pencil-images). This works for any size
image (but is more difficult if you watch too close)

Then you seem to see three fuzzy images. Concentrate on the middle one, and
try to focus on it - perhaps by first removing the pencil quickly (slowly?).

I've long since stopped using these aids - I can focus "automatically" if I
have a good 3D pair.

> only a small fraction of the population is able to do this
> without optical aid -- this is the same "skill" required
> to see those "Magic Eye" posters that were popular several
> years back... --Rob

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