Re: Stereo-image fusing to spot differences

From: Rick McFarlane (
Date: Sun Jun 16 2002 - 13:54:18 EDT

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> I find it almost impossible to view them when placed Left-Right - my eyes
> must "aim" for a very distant point, but focus close, and the images must
> closer to each other than my eye separation ~63 mm (except perhaps for
> Feldman)

Viewing stereo images without optical aid is really quite easy for us myopic
(near sighted) types. If you take off your glasses, move the photos to the
maximum distance that your eyes can focus without aid, your eyes are aimed
at a very distant point, and focused at that point too, and the 3-d jumps
out quickly.

I've never seen this tip anywhere, but I used it all the time when I worked
with stereo images years ago.

Take care.

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