Re: our first images of the ASTRA satellite cluster

From: Bjorn Gimle \(TietoEnator\) (
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 04:31:48 EDT

> >If two observers a couple of thousand kilometres apart (ideally
> >more or less east-west) took simultaneous images of the same
> >bunch of geosynch satellites it would be possible to make a real stereo

OTOH it wouldn't be very interesting, unless there is a non-sync
interloper in the image, since they are virtually at the same distance.

> relatively easy to have two people only a few miles apart photographing
> path of a relatively low orbit object (like the ISS) as it moved by,

You can also do that with the output from a graphical prediction program. I
have done some images of a NOSS trio, against the world map projection by
SkyMap, nicely showing the horizon, and the curvature of Earth's mapped
surface and the orbits.
> A person could even make the pair of images as an anaglyph (red/green) and

That is also quite easy with graphical predictions. SkyMap produces highly
accurate HP-GL output, which can be rendered (and color-manipulated) with

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