Re: UNID, plus other things

From: Michael McCants (
Date: Sat Jun 22 2002 - 21:12:13 EDT

Ed Cannon posted:

>A while ago, 2002 June 20 03:15:20-03:16:20 UTC, I saw
>a fairly fast-moving, northbound UNID.  I was looking at
>MSX (23851, 96-024A) without binoculars, and this object 
>caught my eye, perhaps very roughly at alt. 70, azi 60.  
>I tracked it with binoculars.  It was tumbling on the 
>order of 20 to 30 seconds.  I'm pretty sure that it went 
>near RA 19:23, Dec +52.7 at about 3:16:20; its direction 
>of motion there was close to straight down.  Using 
>alldat.tle and Findsat, I get no candidates that seem to 
>me to match well.  This was from 30.307N, 97.727W, 150m.

The newly unclassified object, 10994, matches Ed's observation
very well.  We were able to see it about 40 degrees up in the
west last night.  It reached magnitude 2 at maximum even though
the phase angle was rather unfavorable.  I estimated that the period
was about 60 seconds, but I did see some secondary maxima.

Titan 34B Agena Rk
1 10994U 78075B   02173.69697532  .05228719  73873-5  37768-2 0   137
2 10994  62.6978 193.9593 0269800 124.3801 238.3079 15.70148209466146

Object 23093, Cosmos 2279 Rk, was timed with a period of 9.2 seconds.

Object 90012, MDS Fairing 2, seemed to be about 1 minute late at
20000 miles, flashing to magnitude 7 or 8 or 9 about every 8.03 seconds.
(Ed's timing)

Object 27435, Ofeg 5 Rk, was timed at very nearly 1.0 second.

Object 00011, Vanguard 2, was seen varying from magnitude 9 to 10
at a range of about 700 miles.

Debris object 12171 was seen to be varying from about magnitude 6.5
to 8.0 with a period of about 5 seconds.

Mike McCants
Austin, TX

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