TVSat 1

From: Ed Cannon (
Date: Sun Jun 23 2002 - 19:16:51 EDT

Last night Mike McCants and I caught the last several
bright flashes of TVSat 1 (87-095A, 18570) at around 
5:32 UT (June 23), with a flash period of about 24.3
seconds.  I'm not sure of the magnitude (as seen in 
Mike's telescope under much moonlight), but it seemed
pretty bright, maybe at least +5.  From last September 
obs, its flash episode appears to be roughly 15 
minutes later from night to night.

We saw a predicted -5 flare of Iridium 6 at only five
degrees above the horizon.  Though very easy to see
without magnification, it wasn't that bright -- but 
it's been hazy around here lately.  It happens that 
at the BCRC location, there's only one "notch" in our 
horizon that goes low enough to see flares at that 
altitude.  I used Iridflar to get the prediction.

Ed Cannon - - Austin

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