More questions on TLE's

From: Sue Wheatley (
Date: Mon Jun 24 2002 - 10:42:55 EDT

Another question about Epochs and TLE's from another newcomer.

If I already know the definitions of each segment of a TLE line, where can I
learn about what they mean? For example, if I see 294.4648 one day for one
segment, and the next time I see 294.4444 for the same segment, what does
that mean?  The satellite is lower, faster, coming down?

How about one satellite that has 294.4648 versus another one that has
269.7397? Is the first one in a higher orbit, taking more time to go around
the Earth, or is it faster, or what? In other words, can I compare these two
satellites and understand their differences...perhaps their assigned tasks?

Be fore-warned, I went to school before girls were allowed to take more than
Algebra II. Can you describe it simply?

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