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Date: Fri Jun 28 2002 - 02:10:43 EDT

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    Jonathan T Wojack wrote:
    > This may be slightly off-topic (I'll take the risk), but are the gray-ish
    > "arrays" on the ISS radiators?  They're not solar panels, and are smaller
    > than the main ISS solar arrays.  They kind of look slightly folded-up
    > (but they are mostly extended).
    You are right, this part of construction are radiators, part of the
    External Cooling System. There are three at the moment, namely:
    PVR-P6 [=Photovoltaic Radiator Port Six]; 
    PVR-S6 [=Photovoltaic Radiator Starboard Six]; 
    PVR-S4 [=Photovoltaic Radiator Starboard Four]; 
    Launched accordeon-like stowed (dimension stowed meters),
    extended 13.6703.405 meters (inclusive hinges). Maximum rejected
    thermal energy into the space is 14 kW (cooling rate). Each panel
    (3.4051.8800.102 meters) has doubled (ie. redundant) cryo loops with
    liquid ammonia. Launched together with ITS-P6 [=Integrated Truss
    Structure Port Six] and deployed after installation on ITS-Z1.
    As can be deduced from their designations, the PVR-S6 and PVR-S4 should
    be transferred to other truss segments in 2003.
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