New Irid Obs

From: Jari (
Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 12:36:05 EDT

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    After a blustery day here on the West Coast the clouds were blown away in
    time for me to observe, with my 10x50s, Irid Breeze Rk #27452 02031C at
    07:34 29 June UTC as passed horizontally thru the cup of the Big Dipper. It
    is tumbling slowly but i couldn't get a timing of it's flash pattern as it's
    magnitude varied. At 07:55 i looked for Iridium 98 ? #27451 02031B but i
    didn't see it, however a few minutes later at 07:58 a rather faint Iridium
    97 ? #27450 02031A passed in front of my reference star, 52 Psi UMA. As i
    tracked it another object, much brighter, came into my FOV heading the other
    way, S-NNW. Az 290 deg El 30 deg. I was able to ID it as Meteor 2-8 #13113
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