NOAA9 vs. NOAA17

From: Dale Ireland (
Date: Sat Jun 29 2002 - 20:03:59 EDT

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    The new NOAA17 is in an orbit almost identical to NOAA9. Today they flew in
    formation and passed each other slowly around 1900UT. They are still quite
    close. I wonder if anyone's tracking program can tell the minimum
    separation. Looks like it may have been less than 20mi for a while.
    Weather sat buffs like me still watch the NOAA9 position because although
    its systems have long since been deactivated, its APT transmitter somehow
    came back to life a few years ago and it transmits a carrier wave that
    interferes with the other NOAA sats. The faint signal slowly rises and falls
    as it tumbles and light hits its solar panels. Seems to have about a 45
    second period. Not sure if anyone has confirmed this with visual flash
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