Re: Possible re-entry?

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Date: Thu Jun 03 2004 - 13:44:55 EDT

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    at least part of the AP story is a hoax apparently:
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    > Hi
    > We live 20mi west of Seattle. At 2:40am our Beagle bolted upright at the
    > foot of the bed and started barking. My wife was half awake and said all
    > windows and doors rattled for a second. I had to get up and check the
    > I could hear dogs barking in the distance all over the area. Two of my
    > employees heard a boom and had the same experience of doors and windows
    > rattling. This was 5 or ten minutes after the flash apparently, so we
    > the good part. It sounds like a sonic boom from the descriptions. Multiple
    > boom followed by a few seconds of "rolling thunder".
    > I have seen a surveillance video of a parking lot that doesn't show the
    > fireball but the shadows on the ground are so distinct that I bet they can
    > be used to determine the exact position in the sky of the fireball.
    > Dale
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