Two Bright Objects

From: J. Thomas Jeffrey (
Date: Fri Jun 04 2004 - 11:30:16 EDT

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    Thanks to everyone who identified the two bright objects I saw as NOSS 
    3-2 a and c. My observing site was Crater Lake N.P. Ted Molczan was 
    probably correct when he said the star was not Spica but gamma Virginis. 
    There were trees to my south which were blocking part of the constellation.
    When these satellites flare they are really impressive, they nearly 
    knocked me off my feet.  :-)
    J. Thomas Jeffrey
    Hypatia Astronomical Observatory
    16 inch Meade Dob and 20X90 binoculars
    Bend, Oregon USA  44.14. N  -121 26 W 3,207 feet  (November-April)
    Crater Lake National Park, Oregon USA  42.53 N  -122. 08 W 6,400 feet 
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