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Date: Sat Jun 05 2004 - 10:21:02 EDT

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    > > Iridium Flare can be seen? As far as I can remember,
    > > I've never seen one with an altitude greater than
    > > about 45 degrees. Presumably the geometry of the
    > > reflections off the satellite's panels limit this.
    If I remember correctly, the MMAs are tilted 40 degrees from the vertical.
    In that case, the Sun must be 10 degrees above horizon to give a flare
    from zenith. From the forward MMA, this means in winter far north
    (or south) on a descending leg near noon, or near midnight in arctic
    summer on an ascending leg. For the left MMA, evenings "anywhere"
    ascending, or mornings descending, and v.v.
    > > Would this be different for a tumbling Iridium sat?
    Yes, since they can point in "any" angle they can flash in the zenith at
    > QUICKSAT and Sky Map are the best.
    > and
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