IR 920tum fast flasher

From: Jari (
Date: Mon Jun 07 2004 - 02:47:16 EDT

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    While looking for a pass by Envisat r and Envisat only about 45 sec apart i
    spotted a fast flashing object at 06:08 7 June UTC approx 15 deg below Ursa
    Major. It looked like an airliner at first as the flashes were bright, even
    in the late twilight, equal if not brighter in magnitude compared to
    Jupiter. However the object was going S -> N, all flights go to or come from
    the NW and the flashes were much faster than any a/c lights i've seen. I
    couldn't count the period between flashes as they were too fast. With the
    direction of travel it looked like an Iridium and sure enough Iridium 920tum
    #24871 97034C was in the area at the time.
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