ISS..... Solar transit today

From: John Locker (
Date: Mon Jun 07 2004 - 12:26:15 EDT

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    Hi all ,
    With just hours to go before the Venus transit starts I managed to catch the
    station crossing the sun from here in the UK at 1422 gmt.
    This is probably the last glimpse we will get of ISS before tomorrows event
    , and it was important that the capture showed the full transit in order to
    verify it against Tom ( ISS Alerts)and Arnolds ( predictions.
    Despite the usual intervention by the English weather...from clear sky to
    low cloud in the time it takes to align the telescope .... a break appeared
    just in time.
    Five minute after the pass , it was clear blue sky again.....Hmmmm !
    The video , with data  is posted here
    or if you wish to access just the
    Height above sea level , from the location of the scope was  47 feet
    Seven GPS .......satellites  03 04 12 13 17
    24 and 27 were  "in view"
    Outside air temp 26C.....OTA temp pushing 50 C  !!!
    Time seemed a tad early , but I dont have an accurate enough timepiece , and
    working on my own , I couldnt leave the laptop as I was dealing with
    brightness adjustments.
    LX90 8 inch ....ToUcam .... 25mm eyepiece projection FOV 30 arc minutes.Full
    aperture solar filter
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