Good day at the office ....against all odds ( Venus , then ISS )

From: John Locker (
Date: Tue Jun 08 2004 - 13:07:56 EDT

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    (Apolgies if this is a duplicate message...ISP probs )
    Hi all,
    It has been a looonnnnngggg  day !
    I expect , by now you have Venus transit images coming out of your ears :O)
    I cannot believe it.... here on the Wirral , UK , we were clouded out ,
    right through the event!
    However , against all odds , the old "cloud cutter" LX90 did its job and
    managed to grab me some pictures.
    Even when I travelled 10 km to catch the ISS transit  two hours later , the
    clouds stayed with me.
    I have combined the exit point of Venus , with the entry point , two hours
    later , of ISS.
    Same camera , same orientation
    The results can be seen here
    If you just want to access the video.... ( 1 mb  gif  )  then simply go here
    Despite putting myself right on centre line , the track indicates I was off
    by a 100 metres or so , possibly due to the data used being  a few hours
    Again , apologies for the poor quality pictures....but I was shooting at
    just 1/100th sec for ISS to "burn" through the cloud layers.
    Now then......where are those simultaneous transit images from Europe ?????
    John Locker
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