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Date: Tue Jun 08 2004 - 17:42:17 EDT

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    Subject: question about the time
    > I have a question about the time used in the table of Heavens Above site.
    I have signed in and choose magnitude 3.5. I see search period; observers
    location and so on and Local time CEST (GMT +2:00)
    >Then a table appears: Satellite name: Envisat; Magnitude 3.0; Start time
    22:37:25 ; Altitude 10 degrees; Azimuth: SSE, and so on.
    > The time in the table is that my real local time, or have I correct that
    time with CEST hours.
    Dear Fam,
    I just set up H-A by manually entering in your coordinates. For your country
    it only gave the option of choosing GMT+1 as a time correction. However,
    immediately above the choices of 'Time Zones' it says this, "Time Zone
    (daylight saving time will automatically be added). Then on the page that
    lists the satellite passes it reads: Local Time: Central European Summer
    Time (GMT + 2:00)
    To check to make sure everything was OK I used my own planetarium program
    and it agreed with H-A.
    The time you see is your local time with the "Daylight Savings Time"
    factored in.
    Clear skies!
    Tom Iowa USA
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