Re: Iridium 38 status

From: Becky Ramotowski (
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 11:04:58 EDT

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    Hi everyone,
    I normally lurk here, but wanted to add my non-observation
    of Iridium # 38 from last night to this group.
    Last night my husband and I were out observing from just east of 
    Albuquerque, New Mexico.
    We observed Iridium 17 as -3 flare at 22:52:55, we each photographed it 
    as well.
    Then we were set up to photograph Iridium 38, which was predicted to be 
    a -6 at 22:55:18.  My husband & I each photographed the field of it's 
    predicted flare point, but it never appeared.  Since I was using 
    digital, I tried simple processing to perhaps bring it out just in case 
    it was truly there, just dimmer than predicted.  Nothing!
    Just minutes later we each observed and photographed Iridium 15 as a -0 
    at 11:01:49.
    Since each of these 3 were predicted to flare in a very close area, we 
    were hoping to have 3 flares on one frame, thus the puzzlement when #38 
    was a No-Show.
      Becky Ramotowski
    James Sebolt wrote:
    > Other than the Jupiter encounter, I am reporting this because of the
    > non-flare of Irid 38, which was predicted for a bright flare about
    > 2.5 min after Irid 17 at nearly the same spot.  Three flares close
    > to Jupiter would have been nice, but it was not to be.
    > The close spacing timewise between Irid 17 & 38 bothered me so I did
    > a little research.  I notice that Irid 38 has been listed as possibly
    > failed, but is flaged as operational in the TLEs.  This report is
    > not a complaint, but hopefully may contribute some observational
    > data towards determining the flare status of Iridium 38.
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