Re: Iridium 38 status

From: James Sebolt (
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 13:35:57 EDT

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    On 2004-06-11 Ed Cannon said:
       |In the mccants.tle file, Iridium 38 is flagged with a "?".
       |With Mike McCants' iridium.tle file he distributes a small
       |status file, iridium.txt, that also has Iridium 38 flagged.
       |But Iridflar doesn't "know" that, so this is one of a very
       |few that Iridflar gives flare predictions for that is in
       |fact unreliable.
    I had checked those two files, but on re-checking do not see
    any flag on the TLE entry.  Noted two differences in flags:
    Iridium     iridium.txt     iridium.tle
      38         flag = ?        no flag
      69         flag = ?        flag = tum
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