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From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Fri Jun 11 2004 - 16:00:54 EDT

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    Fam. F. de Graaff asked about the recent confusion regarding the names of
    Russian satellites.
    Jonathan McDowell discusses the matter in the draft of his Jonathan's Space
    "The Russian Space Forces have renamed Kosmos-2405 as Molniya-1T; Kosmos-2406
    has been renamed Raduga-1. The US-PU satellite launched on May 28 was named
    Kosmos-2405, not Kosmos-2407 as I reported last issue.
    The folks at Space Command are also competing in the 'confusing designation'
    game. There are now two debris objects called 1968-097CQ (SSN 05279 and SSN
    05515) and two objects called 1968-097CY (SSN 05432 and SSN 05632). In each case
    one object previously had a designation in the 1970-089 series; both 1968-097
    and 1970-089 launches have large numbers of debris objects in similar orbits
    resulting from antisatellite weapons tests. The logic of the new duplicate
    designations escapes me.
    A Tselina-2 electronic intelligence satellite for the Russian Defense Ministry
    was launched on Jun 10  and has been given the name Kosmos-2406. Launch vehicle
    was a Yuzhnoe Zenit-2."
    Ted Molczan
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