Re: ISS/ Venus transit....... Captured in Slovakia !!!

From: Tom Wagner (
Date: Tue Jun 15 2004 - 17:10:19 EDT

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    Ralph McConahy wrote:
    > Using SkyMap, and zooming in on Venus, I have to move to Lat = 48.2600N to
    get the ISS track to match the track in the composite photo (using 48.2611N
    in SkyMap, the track misses Venus too far to the south). The time is exactly
    10:09:18 UT when it reaches Venus.
    According to Ralph's
    change is equivalent to 405 feet in latitude (= 0.0767 mile or 0.1235 km) at
    that position on the globe. I think that Tomas was more than a little
    fortunate. :~)
    > Tom Wagner [] wrote:
    > I have done some analysis of Tomas' transit.
    > The location and time is 48d 15m 40s N, by 17d 1m 52s E. [Decimal values
    are 48.2611 N by 17.0311 E.] I used 445 meters altitude (obtained from H-A)
    and a time correction of GMT +2. I obtained the time correction someplace on
    the Internet. I may be wrong in that.
    > The time that the ISS was transiting Venus was (as far as I can tell)
    > to 13h  09m 18s --local time--.
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