Re: ISS/ Venus transit....... Captured in Slovakia !!!

From: John Locker (
Date: Wed Jun 16 2004 - 08:40:01 EDT

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    A trip out this morning , to catch an ISS solar transit reminded me just how
    much of an achievement Tomas's  dual transit video is.
    As far as I know , this was his first attempt at catching the station.
    ,which makes his endevours all the more remarkable.
    Imaging transits really does focus the mind.
    Consider the fact that it all takes place in less than a second , whilst
    positioning in some cases , needs to be accurate to a few hundred meters.
    On this morning's sortie I left the house in heavy cloud , hoping that the
    chosen site , about 10 miles away would be clear.
    As I approached the location , sure enough the sky turned blue , with just a
    few lumps of cheerful cotton wool clouds....perfect !
    With 30 minutes to go , I was all set up at the end of what turned out to be
    a farm track , on the banks of the river Dee....right on the centreline.
    The clusters of sunspots were clear as a bell.
    With 10 minutes to go , I noticed  one quite large  fluffy cloud , but it
    was miles away.....wasn't it ?
    That fluffy friendly cloud  turned out to be Mr Grumpy and for some reason ,
    as I triggered the camera at "t"  minus one minute , old grumpy turned on
    the gas.
    You guessed it ...15 seconds to the pass , the screen turned black as old
    Grumpy swept in.
    10 seconds after the pass......the old b***er cleared the scene , leaving a
    perfect solar disk again.
    I'm not a happy bunny  ;o(
    The LX90 can cut through thin cloud , no problem , but when it comes to the
    Grumpies of this chance !
    The good old British weather strikes again .
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