Finally... no more Cicadas watching the transit of Venus!

From: Thomas Fly (
Date: Thu Jun 17 2004 - 13:35:28 EDT

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    I don't know if Tony has been on vacation or what, but this morning I used the
    SpaceWeather form to submit Tomás' unique photo, and poof!  No more Cicadas!
    Tomás also has written an English language version of his webpage:
    A movie (requiring a DivX decoder, it appears) is available from there also.
    His precise location, in WGS84 coordinates, is still a little murky.  According
    to Arnold Barmettler, most Slovakian maps use a non-standard projection (i.e., a
    locally best-fit to the Earth's surface using a cylindrical or conic section).
    Arnold uses 90-meter resolution SRTM-3 Digital Elevation Model data for CalSKY's
    elevations (~50 GB for worldwide coverage!), so I suggested that he use it to
    create a WGS84 contour map that could be correlated with Tomás' hiking map:
    Ain't there great stuff on  ;-)
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