72A not seen here

From: astro5 (astro5@pgog.net)
Date: Thu Jun 17 2004 - 23:56:31 EDT

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    I looked for 96072A and did not see it 18jun 0331:30z
    -2 min (intermittent viewing) to plus 5 min
    and did not see it.  
    I now see that ted reported maneuver at 0159z (previous pass)
    +56 sec.  hummm, I would have expected to see it then
    on my 0331z pass...?  my west pass is too low for me tonight.
    interesting to see if ted catches it on this pass (west for him)
    and a few minutes after my [non]obs.
    Paul Gabriel 8305 (CST/CDT = UT -6h/-5h)
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