Re: OIG TLE harangue

From: Denis (
Date: Fri Jun 18 2004 - 10:54:46 EDT

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    It does account for elevation, in this case 202 meters above geoid for 
    the location. My main concern is the calculation. I update the satellite 
    and Sun positions every 1/4th of a second in the last 10 seconds. The 
    error therefore could possibly be as wide as 4 arc minutes. Acceptable 
    or not, difficult for me to judge.
    Thomas Fly wrote:
    >>I got the following results from the posted data using my program. Does it
    > come close to your results. I wonder if I need to improve the accuracy.
    > I don't see anything in your program run that specifies the elevation above
    > sea-level (the Geoid, or whatever), so presumably your program is assuming
    > sea-level.  That indeed would have a significant effect on accuracy!
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