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From: George Roberts (
Date: Sun Jun 27 2004 - 08:24:49 EDT

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        This is very interesting!  One of your requirements is that the inclination of the
    orbit be 33 degrees or greater.  There is also a minimum altitude requirement.  Could
    you calculate the minimum altitude (in km or miles) that the Satellite must be so that when the
    satellite is over 33 degrees North latitude it is visible from your location *and* from
    navspasur?  These two numbers would help narrow it down to a short list of satellites.
    And how many degrees above the horizon at your location and at navspasur's location
    does it have to be?  10 degrees?  This affects the minimum height above the earth that
    you require.  Give the minimum height and 33 degree minimum inclination requirement
    back to this list and I think you will get some answers.
    - George Roberts
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    From: "Rob Hardenberg" <>
    > My question: are there also high orbiting satellites who are big enough that
    > can reflect the radar signals back to my location? I want to try to receive
    > there reflection.
    > I can put the keps of the possible kandidates into my tracking software.
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