Re: navspasur radar reflections

From: Rob Hardenberg (
Date: Sun Jun 27 2004 - 09:08:19 EDT

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    Hi George,
    Seen from the navspasur the satteliet must be at 91,4 degrees azimuth and >
    20 degrees elevation for a reflection. The elevation number I'm guesing
    based on the transmitter antenna system; it could be less. So I think the
    minimum altitude must be > 2000Km. This number is not exacly calculated, but
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    > Rob,
    >     This is very interesting!  One of your requirements is that the
    inclination of the
    > orbit be 33 degrees or greater.  There is also a minimum altitude
    requirement.  Could
    > you calculate the minimum altitude (in km or miles) that the Satellite
    must be so that when the
    > satellite is over 33 degrees North latitude it is visible from your
    location *and* from
    > navspasur?  These two numbers would help narrow it down to a short list of
    > And how many degrees above the horizon at your location and at navspasur's
    > does it have to be?  10 degrees?  This affects the minimum height above
    the earth that
    > you require.  Give the minimum height and 33 degree minimum inclination
    > back to this list and I think you will get some answers.
    > - George Roberts
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    > > My question: are there also high orbiting satellites who are big enough
    > > can reflect the radar signals back to my location? I want to try to
    > > there reflection.
    > > I can put the keps of the possible kandidates into my tracking software.
    > >
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