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From: Ted Molczan (
Date: Sun Jun 27 2004 - 13:36:28 EDT

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    Markus Mehring wrote:
    > I've had curious questions from people who saw it while 
    > watching a fireworks display over Lake Ontario, and couldn't 
    > tell what sort of fireworks "that thing" was. :) Must have 
    > been quite a show, and considering the size of that audience 
    > maybe it may cause the one or other "UFO" or "meteor" report 
    > elsewhere.
    This must have been the Festival of Fire, a fireworks competition staged in
    Toronto, just off shore of Lake Ontario. Last night, China put on a display. 
    The event started about 20 minutes prior to the satellite's decay, and the
    audience was facing the approximate azimuth of its culmination, about 20 to 25
    deg above an unobstructed horizon, in an unusually clear sky (except perhaps for
    lingering smoke from the fireworks).
    I live in Toronto, but I missed seeing my second decay (my first was Raduga 33,
    last month) because I did not pay close enough attention to Dan Deak's heads-up
    messages. I was a bit frazzled at the time, and running behind in preparing for
    my observation session, so I failed to comprehend that he was talking about a
    decay, even though his first message was titled, "Watch for possible decay".
    I am glad that several subscribers did see it, and I appreciate reading their
    Ted Molczan
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