From: Floyd Weaver (
Date: Sun Jun 27 2004 - 14:05:50 EDT

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    	I am trying to send this again as my first attempt did not go to the list.
    	I saw something, that appeared to be the reentry. I did not know that
    anything was due to reenter but while I was out looking at sats I saw
    something that looked to be a possible reentry. At about 2:55Z (or just
    before) something in the north caught my attention. Blazing across the sky
    was multiple burning objects. When I first saw them they were near the north
    star and they continued toward the east, and disappeared due east. I was not
    paying close attention to time or position while I was watching such a sight
    but I think they may have been just above the north star when I first saw
    them and might have reached about 50 degrees max elv. I'd estimate it took
    close to 15 seconds to go from the north to the east. The trajectory seemed
    to match 22273 but from the elset below it should have passed to my
    southwest about 75 degree elv. Since it was 5 minutes or so early that would
    have changed it.
    	A notable characteristic of these fireballs was that they were not just
    bright objects trailing fire, but had a glow or haze around them. There also
    was not a lot of continuous bright fireballs. Its not the easiest to make a
    picture with words but it was not like the bright sharp meteors with thin
    	My first decay sighting. AWESOME!
    	And right after that I got to see USA 160 (C) and USA 160, 20 to 30 degrees
    up in the southwest shining brightly at 0 mag or so. They caught my
    attention because there was not to be two bright stars there so close
    Floyd Weaver
    Lebanon PA
    40.39N -76.42W
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