Secondary decay 27 June?

From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Mon Jun 28 2004 - 14:47:46 EDT

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    Wayne Watson reported to the meteorobs list (see above link for the message)
    capturing a slow fireball at 6:31 UTC, June 27, from Nevada City, CA, on his
    all-sky camera. A link to the pictures is in above message.
    Wayne speculates whether this could be related to the decay of 1992-088E
    earlier that night; and I want to pass that on to the experts on this list!
    A quick check with Orbitron and the last OIG orbit 04178.90776223 suggest a
    potential pass, would anything have survived, about 20-30 minutes earlier.
    But I reckoned that with this kind of orbit that time could be inaccurate,
    as indeed the 2:52 UTC event was already several minutes off?
    Any ideas?
    - Marco
    Marco Langbroek
    Leiden, the Netherlands
    52.15896 N, 4.48884 E (WGS 84)
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