SL-12 R/B decayed !

Harro.Zimmer (
Tue, 2 Mar 1999 17:51:37 +0100

Report time : 16:00 UTC
1999-010B (25643) R/B
Sorry, neither Alan nor I could currently updated our last predictions. Since 
yesterday late afternoon (UTC) OIG had stopped their ELSETs refresh and started 
not before this day late noon (UTC).
In its final report SpaceCom gives this decay information:
                    March 2, 12:17 UTC +/- 12 minutes (0.3S, 50.9E)
The reentry area is over the Indian Ocean on a descending pass.

MPM shows with the last five ELSETs 99061.176... to 99061.479... a decay at
                    March 2, 12:57 UTC +/- 22 minutes (11.6S, 211.1E) 
on an ascending pass over the Pacific.

Berlin, Germany