Re: Pegasus WIRE Launch

Randy John (
Mon, 8 Mar 1999 21:58:54 -0800

    The WIRE launch was bright/big because of exhaust gases illuminated
by sunlight.  The exhaust plume can be really huge.  I'm sure that
the halo around an Iridium is a scattering or diffraction effect.  You've
seen this around the edge of the moon as well (not to be confused with
the 22 degree halo).
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Subject: Re: Pegasus WIRE Launch

>Bart De Pontieu wrote:
>> I watched the WIRE launch from Palo Alto, on the roof of our office with
>> It was so bright it showed a halo around it!
>This sounds like the very bright Iridium flares. Has there been an
>of this phenomenon?
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