Last chance for Superbird in Europe

Matson, Robert (
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 15:25:28 -0800

For our European observers,

Sorry for the lack of notice, but Friday morning 12 March
will likely be your last chance to observe Superbird A's
flashes until summer.  Flashes begin at shadow exit
(~3:29 UT) starting in Ireland, England, Norway and
Sweden and work their way southeast.  Portugal,
Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Denmark are
a few minutes later.  Then Switzerland, Germany,
Czech Rep. and Poland around 3:33 UT.  Northern
Italy and Austria follow a minute later, then Sardinia,
Corsica and central Italy.  Sicily, the boot of Italy and
Greece are last around 3:38 - 3:40.

Flashes occur about 3 1/2 degrees below beta-Vir in
the southwest.  --Rob