NOSS 2-3 R/B ground tracks

Matson, Robert (
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 17:11:37 -0800

NOSS 2-3 R/B final ground tracks, continued:

The ground track crosses from Mexico into Texas at about
1:30:15am CST Friday morning at the west end of Big Bend
National Park.  Midland/Odessa are pretty close to the track
at 1:31; Lubbock is a bit northwest of it.  Entry into Oklahoma
is at Hollis, OK, about halfway between Amarillo and Wichita
Falls (~1:32).  Oklahoma City and Enid, OK, are both well
east of the track.

The Kansas border is crossed at 1:32:30.  Wichita, KS is
just southeast of the track, as is Topeka.  Only the corner
of Nebraska is nicked -- Falls City.  Likewise the NW corner
of Missouri.  Iowa is crossed from the southwest corner up
through Mason City.  Des Moines is southeast of the track
at 1:34 CST.

The ground track cuts off the southeast corner of Minnesota
at 1:34:30, going over Austin and Rochester, MN.  Minneapolis
and St. Paul are a bit to the northwest, but would have a fine

Northern Wisconsin is visited at 1:35; Eau Claire is pretty
close to the centerline.  Western most Michigan is crossed
30 seconds later before heading out over Lake Superior and
on to Ontario.  (Ft. Albany, Ontario on James Bay is on the
ground track).

Next pass:  California, Nevada, Idaho and Montana... --Rob