NOSS 2-3 r ground tracks (final)

Matson, Robert (
Thu, 11 Mar 1999 17:38:39 -0800

NOSS 2-3 R/B ground tracks (cont.):

The ground track leaves the Pacific Ocean and enters California
near San Simeon at about 12:59am PST Friday morning.  Cities
close to the ground track (in order) are:  San Ardo, Mendota,
Firebaugh, Madera, Chowchilla, Le Grande, Mariposa, Midpines,
El Portal, Yosemite National Park and Bridgeport.  The nearest
~major~ city is Fresno, which is southeast of the ground track
at 12:59:15am.  (This is more than a 50-degree elevation pass
for Fresno).

Not much but wilderness traversed in Nevada from 12:59:50am
to 1:00:45.  Tahoe, Carson City and Reno all lie northwest of
the ground track.

Glenns Ferry, Idaho is on the centerline about 2:01am MST.
Boise is to the northwest, and Twin Falls to the southeast, but
both would have a nice view.  Entry into Montana is at 2:01:30.
Butte, Helena and Great Falls are all pretty close to the track
centerline between 2:02 and 2:02:30am MST.  The track
enters Saskatchewan north of Harlem, Montana, at 2:03am.

Best of luck, anyone who stays up to have a look!  --Rob