Sat gone

Mark Brannan (
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 08:25:08 -0500

Philip Chien wrote:
>I'd appreciate it if somebody could take a look at GE-3 (24936   97
>It's located at 87 West.  I watched programming on it last night, but
>morning there's nothing being broadcast on any channel and I found at
>one broadcaster transmitting on another satellite.
>This satellite is fairly recent so if it has failed or gone out of
>it's a pretty early failure.  It's a Lockheed Martin A2100 bus and I
>look up the dimensions for the satellite and solar panels if that
>information is of use.
>If it is out of control we may have another potential flasher on our
>Philip Chien, KC4YER

The radio station I work for has a music programming service delivered
by GE-3. This morning when I came in at 5:10AM EST, the programming was
gone and the Sat reciever was showing no carrier. I checked the computer
controlling the automation and it said somewhere between 4AM and 4:10AM
the signal from the satillite was lost. A call to the music service
confirmed GE-3 was down with all transponders. Another nightmare.

--Mark Brannan
Thomasville, GA, USA