Daylight Bright Object

ykChia (
Fri, 12 Mar 1999 22:47:03 +0800

Hi SeeSat-L folks:

   On my way to work this morning Mar 12 99 ( 07:37am local time) I
notice a bright object in the Western Sky. After disembark from the
train I am surprise the object is still there and I observe till 07:43.
I get a colleague to be my eye-witness as well. His remark is what a
bright star. ( non skywatcher)

   The Sun is up and in broad day light it is unusual to see a bright
white -stellar-like object ( size I guess is x3 times Mars [from early
AM memory] now ~34 arc seconds) against a pale blue sky. Visual
brightness ~ -4Mag  Venus in 'dark sky'.  Object appears to be
stationary. I lose sight of it after I went for a my usual coffee as the
sky clouded up again. No chance to verify again.

   I go back to office, run IRIDFLAR165 and get nothing for DAYLIGHT
flare ( could not possible last that 6 minutes that I saw).

   My Geographical location is Long 103.8E Lat 1.445 North, event occurs
at (UT 23:37 Mar 11 1999) at Elevation of 40-50 and AZ West?.

    I will verify tomorrow same time.

    What is this ? Anyone see this?.


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