Re: Satellite watching a recent event?

Sun, 14 Mar 1999 22:06:58 -0500

Phil Rogers wrote:
> A few years before that (late '50s/early 60's) when they launched the
> Echo satellite, 


>it became the popular craze at the time to stand around
> at sunset (time as specified by various news reporters) to see if it
> could be seen. 

The NY Times regularly published predictions. I didn't have computer prediction
programs then. I always read and went out at predicted times. 

>Echo was the first ever communications satellite
> (of sorts - no beacons, just a huge metallized mylar bag to serve as a
> sky based reflector).

There was Score (Atlas), Dec 18, 1958.

> I was also about 10 at the time and never did see
> it (or even have any idea of how big it should appear), but remember
> very well standing by the lake in middle Georgia looking for anything
> different to appear in the sky.

It was about 1st mag.

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