Re: Two-Lines for USA Objects

Sun, 14 Mar 1999 22:21:31 -0500

Any suggestion who to write to, and what 'reasoned arguments' to offer?

Phillip Clark wrote:
> >From discussions which I have had this week, it looks as if the
> behind-the scenes, more diplomatic channels have failed to prevent
> this action, and that unless users of the two-lines do raise the
> problem with appropriate parties then all of the USA satellite data
> will remain classified.
> Of course, it is not a good idea to write to people with
> ill-considered, undiplomatic ramblings which demand that all of the TLEs
> (including Lacrosse, DSP and otjer satellites) be restored - that kind
> of communication will just be ignored.   But it is possible that the
> recent policy change might be (partially, at least) reversed of a
> diplomatic and reasoned argument is used.
> The chances of getting the policy change reversed are slim, but
> perhaps with reasoned arguments it might be possible to make a
> difference in "our" favour.

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