Sidney Miller, former SeeSat member

Ed Cannon (
Wed, 17 Mar 1999 02:01:24 -0600

Those who've been around SeeSat more than a couple of years
may remember that Sidney Miller had some pretty good satellite
information among his Web pages.  Maybe some had even met him
along the way.  Sidney's pages suddenly disappeared, breaking 
a lot of hyperlinks on various Web pages around the world.  

Monday night I happened to discover, in doing a search on 
Intercosmos 19, one of Sidney Miller's Web pages!  Then I 
found out that he died in April 1997, and a friend of his,
Mark Wolfgang (who I believe is not a satellite observer), has 
published Sidney's complete Web site, as it was then, in his 

Click on Sidney's name, above the image of his business card, 
to go to his pages.  The links to his satellite pages are in a 
table towards the foot of the page.  Of course by now some/many 
links aren't working, but I thought some might remember and 
might want to know what had happened.

Ed Cannon - - Austin, Texas, USA