Sat Flares
Sat, 20 Mar 1999 21:37:00 -0700 (MST)

Once again USA 86 #22251 flared, this one was a magnitude -2 at 02:39:xx 21
Mar UTC. Azi 110 degrees elev 15-20 degrees. It lasted about 5 seconds,
longer than previous ones and it was quite bright in the early evening
twilight. I didn't get an accurate time as an unknown distracted me, i ID'd
it as Cosmos 100 r #01844 later on. It was a bright mag 2 for most of it's pass.

At 03:00:xx i spotted another flare, this one a magnitude -3. Azi 150
degrees, elev 40 degrees and it's track indicated a 140 - 350 heading. I was
able to ID this one as Sert 2 #04327.

I looked for the pass by the paired Iridiums 20 and 44, they were only 30
degrees in elevation to the West so it wasn't an ideal pass but i saw one
negative flash, which one it came from i do not know.