Superbird A obs.

Daniel Deak (
Wed, 24 Mar 1999 00:11:28 -0500

Hi everybody,

      First, I would like to thank Rob Matson for his accurate predictions
for Superbird A (#20040). I observed this space bird continuously from
03:11:00 to 03:22:45 UTC on March 24 with my 20x80 binoculars.

      The first faint flash was seen at mag 9 at 03:12:01. The 3 following
flashes were getting brighter every time and were spaced 23 seconds.
Then, starting with the 03:13:11 flash, an Ff pattern was observed ending
with the 03:16:50 flash where the pattern reversed to fF from 03:17:02 to
03:18:45. Maximum brightness was around mag 4 at 03:15:29 and 03:15:52.

      During the Ff and fF patterns, the period was 11.52 seconds. So it
means that at first I saw only the brightest flashes of the pattern.The same
goes for the end of the observation from 03:19:08 to 03:21:03 when the
last faint flash was seen.

      In all I observed 38 flashes arranged in a logical pattern. One fainter flash
was missing however, it should have been at 03:18:11 but was not seen. Has
anyone noticed something similar ?

      Geosync flashers are quite fascinating !


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