Wed, 24 Mar 1999 20:16:14 -0500

There was discussion about precession of a Molniya perigee on SeeSat-L
a little while ago.  I have a basic program that calculates that.


Bjorn Gimle
Brad F.
Conrad Kirksey
Ralph McConahy
Robert Sheaffer 
Ted Molczan

were kind enough to convert the Precess.bas program
that I had to a Dos exe program.  There is also a windows version.
A mac version was made but I don't have that here.  

Thanks to all these SeeSaters for their help.

Since each version has some features changed or is of different size, 
I'm combining them all together so you can choose whichever you want.
I'll leave them on my web site for a few days before removing them,
so pick them up now if you want them. If you're unable to access the web
and need me to email them, let me know.

Go to
Choose  More Info

PRECESS allows you to enter moon or any planet, and type of satellite
orbit.  It then returns this info:

 Enter planet's name (EARTH=e. MERCURY-NEPTUNE, MOON) e
 Altitude of the satellite orbit (km) 6666
 Inclination to the equator (degrees) 66

   Precession of the node:    -0.331412818/day

   Precession of perigee/pericenter:     -0.070410330/day

Jay Respler
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